Search with your Voice

using Siri Shortcut by Legalpioneer

available on iOS v14 or later

How to Install

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Shortcuts
  2. Turn on Allow Untrusted Shortcuts. Note: If you don’t see the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts setting, run a shortcut and then go back to Settings
  3. Click the buttons Search and Locate to download shortcut to your iPhone
  4. Check out the video below to see how it works and enjoy

🔒Tip: if you feel uncomfortable about step 2, you can duplicate the shortcuts and delete our version. You can safely disable step 2.

Run a Search

  1. Launch Siri by saying ” Hi Siri!” or long-press the Home button
  2. Launch Legalpioneer Search in Siri by saying ” Search Pioneer”
  3. Siri will ask” What Text?”
  4. Say one word like ” Contract” or “Carbon”

🌎 You can also search for companies by location. The same workflow as above and in:

  • step 2 you say “Locate Pioneer”,
  • step 4 say the name of the city.

Watch a Tutorial